Periodic Table of Elements Science Cutting Board

This cutting board is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a little science in the kitchen.

Our cutting boards are engraved on one side so you can use the other side for cutting and chopping.

We use a clear butcher block conditioner of food grade mineral oil, which seals the wood and protects the board while allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the wood.

Please allow for slight variations in the tone and the grain of the wood, which may vary between your cutting board and the one shown in the picture.

Cutting Board pictured is Maple Wood



Original Style

Overall Dimensions: 13 3/4"(L) x 9 3/4"(W) 

Handle hole: 7/8" x 3 1/2"


Paddle Style

Overall Dimensions: 13 1/2"(L) x 7"(W) 

Handle Hole: 1" Diameter

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